Monday, December 14, 2009

Screwy McSketchbag says...

My waiter just threw the cheese on the table and stormed out. I think he might have killed himself.

Rating: F- (Man up, brosephus.)

Your Mom says...

My waiter lit me on fire instead of the cheese.

Rating: F

Meerkat Molly says...

My waitress had drawn-on eyebrows and sounded like she sucked helium before her shift (think Mel from Flight of the Conchords). Her "Opa" was loud, but do you really come to a Greek restaurant to hear Minnie Mouse yell at you? I didn't think so.

Rating: B- (Maybe it's not her fault she sounds like a toddler. But she could at least try harder. Maybe develop a chain-smoking habit. The people demand perfection!)

Schmandy Schmilaschmakis says...

My most recent "Opa" experience was creepy. My waiter came back with the saganaki and quietly said, "Opaaaaaaaaa..." and dragged out the end "a" sound for literally 20 seconds. He then stood there and watched us eat the cheese. The cook had to come out and tell him to pick up our entrees from the window. I kinda think he wanted to bone us.

Rating: C, right in the middle because although his Opa was lacking, the thought that he might want to make out salvages it a little.

Natalie says...

Visited my favorite Greek restaurant, had the best "Opa!" experience ever! Our server knew exactly what she was doing. We could tell as soon as we sat down that with her boisterous and effervescent personality, we would not be disappointed.

When she reached our table with the saganaki, the flames shot all the way up to the candlebra above our table, and the timbre of her "Ooooooo-paaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" reached even the loudest corners of the restaurant.

Everyone was jealous. And that's exactly the way I like my "Opa" experience to go.

Rating: A++